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The Super Snake Experience is available for your market on a cash basis: Full Shows 4 to 5 hours DAILY.


Rattle the market as if Super Snake were there everyday. You have a big game in town, we talk about it. You have a new restaurant opening up, we talk about it.  You have a park or place that everybody knows, we talk about it. We live your city everyday.


When everyone else is doing forgettable cookie cutter radio, the legendary Super Snake slithers in with a feel good show.


A personality that doesn't take away from the music.  It's the difference maker. A show that creates content no-one else is doing.

We create a fresh show, different for every market.


"Radio is changing, lets get  back to why people love radio; The passion to entertain, the passion for the music, the passion for the market that you represent. We have to do things different if we want radio to thrive."


Let Super Snake wrap around your market and squeeze the numbers to good ratings and positive fiscal returns.


A major market talent from SF, Chicago, New York, LA, and Phoenix is ready to strike for your market today! Snake is a media powerhouse who has helped more outlets shed their skin, adapt and evolve with a mix of personality, content, celebrity connections and raw talent.


 Rattle Super Snake NOW!

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